The Black Lion Chest Keys farming

These keys are guaranteed rewards from personal story missions at levels 10, 30 and 50. A “fast” way to farm them is to create a new character, bring him through the personal story until the 10th level quest, get the key and delete. Repeat. :-)

race origins profession time notes
human commoner guardian, warrior, necromancer, elementalist fast In “Orphanage” you can kill some mob inside before enter hitting the external wall.
human street rat elementalist medium “Going Undercover”, Riot Alice, speak against the authority avoid hard combat. “The Greater Good” hard but doable.
charr blood ranger slow too many phantoms!
asura dynamics elementalist slow -
sylvari shield moon ranger good -
norn - - - -
  • A white weapon with the right “vs. enemies” bonus can help a lot; furthermore, it’s account bound.

    • Minor Sigil of Justice vs Outlaws.
    • Minor Sigil of Dream vs Nightmare Court.
  • It’s possibile to buy also 4 white armor pieces and put runes upon them. More Power is always good.

  • Might buff it’s always welcomed. Ranger’s stalker pet howl give Might.

  • Run fast is useful, but run safe is better: good weapons can help to kill mob before they hurt so I like weapon with skill that make damage immediately (slot 1,2,3). Warrior and elementalists excel in this.


  • Start with scepter, early off-hands are dagger or focus. Dagger off-hand over focus; scepter + dagger make the job.

  • Really excellent offensive skills: firsts three slots go for direct damage with scepter and staff. Good dps.

  • Also the healing glyph with attunement bonus: fire → Might, water → Regeneration, air → Swiftness.


  • Start with mace, off-hands are focus or shield.

  • Staff seems great: spread damage and Swiftness buff.


  • Start with scepter, off-hands focus or pistol.

  • Staff is ok, but slow damage.


  • Start with axe + Healing minion; off-hands focus or horn.

  • A staff can be useful against large amount of mobs and give also buffs.


  • Start with axe (multi-target, bounce) + pet and off-hands available are axe (more multi-damage) or horn (pull, Swiftness).

  • Stalker pet give 5" Might.


  • Start with sword; off-hands are shield or – preferred – horn (Swiftness).

  • Dps from damage and bleeding.