My first mechanical keyboard

A Cooler Master | CMStorm Quick Fire TK Stealth ⬀ keyboard.

  • Cherry MX Brown
  • "stealth" look
  • English layout

A keyboard is a keyboard and it's possible to work and play with whatever object you can find; indeed I has been working for years with normal membrane keyboards given away by stores completely ignoring more expensive keyboards.

I was looking for something different -- and inspired by colleagues' purchases -- I bought this mechanical keyboard. Yep, the writing experience is quite better. A good article to start is An introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches ⬀.

The brown switches are ok, but next time I'd like less soft keys. About the switches, I'm pretty sure that I'm not looking for a "clicky" switch - the standard sound is ok for me.

I choose the "stealth" layout because it looked cool but I found it unexpectedly useful: do not see the letters on the keys is less disturbing than having. Really. :-)

At last, I like the "two rows span" Enter in english layout.

This keyboard has a mixed approach about the tenkey pad; it's TKless but it's possibile to switch arrows+special keys to numbers keys. I don't think is a problem, but probably my next keyboard will have a full length.

Surely I'm happy with my new toy, at the moment.